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Peter Watson Copy Concepts Creative Direction

A creative consultant whose prime objective is creating sales.

There's a strict working ethic when I go to work: Awards recognise creative ability in the eyes of advertising judges - but the true measure of smart thinking is judged by a wider audience - clients, consumers, shareholders. The people that matter. My aim is to always produce work that's as popular at my mum's house as at the Grosvenor House.

This has never been more applicable than in today's current climate. In our ever-diversifying mediascape, clients have learnt the value of not drawing the line when translating ideas through-the-line, below-the-line, on line, off line, between the lines and into new media and new product and brand development. And there's certainly no toeing the line.

Everything has to work harder and sharper. The budget, the people, the ideas. But if you enjoy what you're doing, working hard doesn't seem like hard work.

I don't enjoy what I do, I love it. And I'd love to do it for you.